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How to Do the Hack from Self-Defense Long Fist Form

Learn how to do the hack, as part of self-defense from long fist form, from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


This is gonna be a long fist one form, self defense. This move we call hack. It is a great move. It is very simple to apply. Its a basically a trip. So our attacker is really charging at you. As he is charging at you, you notice him coming. You are gonna step out of the way, and as he is charging at you, you raise your arms and just put your foot out and let him trip literally right over it. Lets try it one more time. And go. And stop right there. Notice that he is not grabbing with the arms, he is basically letting him go past and tripping him right over the ankle. Now lets try full speed. Begin. I'm Karl Romain and that concludes our deomnstration of the hack from long fist one form.

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