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6 Shaolin Kung Fu Hand Techniques

Learn six hand techniques from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Karl Romain, welcome to our demonstration of Shaolin hand techniques. To begin with we'll start from the stationary position, then we'll go hands up, standing horse, and now we'll start with basic punching.

So he's going to hold his hand straight out, and he's going to focus here on the first two knuckles, keeping the wrist nice and straight, arm parallel to the ground, always making sure that as he strikes, both hands will hit the same point in the air, from here he's going to turn his hand over, pulling the hand back, and punch with the other hand, and continue, and punch, and punch, and punch, and punch. And of course you can do as many repetitions as you need to.

OK, now we're going to do the palm technique. So right from where he was, he's going to hold his hand out, and we call this the Whirlwind palm, notice that the fingers are nice and tight, from his bent, the hand is turned, working on the strength with the edge of the hand. OK, pulling back on the wrist, again making sure that his arm is parallel to the ground, shoulders relaxed and every time he strikes, he's looking to strike the same point. And again, palm, good, and go, go, go, go, go and good. And back to attention.

OK. Now we're going to work on a different technique. Kung fu is based on animal techniques , and one of the animal techniques is the crane’s beak, which looks like this, so now we're going to add that in and we're going to practice and exercise both punch, palm and hook. So from our attention, hands up, standing horse position and punch, cross the hands, palm, down and over the head, and hook. Hands in. Good. Punch, palm, hook, hands in, and one more, punch, palm, hook, hands in. Those are some of the basic hand techniques found in northern Shaolin.

Now we’ll do a little bit of the southern techniques. So from here hands up, standing horse position, and now we're going to do a double palm, so he's going to hold both hands out, southern style palm, he's going to spread the fingers, striking with the heel of the palm now, again thumbs are bent, pulling back on the wrist. From here he's going to cross the hands, pull the hands in, notice how the palms are still facing out, and then strike straight out. And again, cross, in, out, good. And cross, in, out. And full speed go, go, go, and back to attention. Now we're going to do a short arm uppercut. Hands up, standing horse, and right from here we're going to turn to a forward stance, go.

Now in this hand technique, we're also going to be using the leg. Really important to pivot as you strike to generate power. Elongate get your stance just a little bit more. And now in the short arm uppercut, is just like coming short, right? And then we're going to have a variation where we do the long arm uppercut where the arm is fully extended. When in this position you want this elbow bent, you want this arm in the rear down 45-degree angle. So pivot and punch, pivot and punch. Notice the timing and coordination. Pivot and punch. And full speed go, go, go,go. Now long arm uppercut. He's going to stretch out that arm all the way up. He's going to bring rear hand so it's parallel to the ground. He's going to keep his eyes on his fists, and turn, punch, turn, punch, turn, punch, and full speed go, go, go, go. And attention.

This concludes our demonstration of some of the basic Shaolin hand techniques.

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