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How to Do the Jump Inside Kick from Shaolin Kung Fu

Learn how to do the jump inside kick from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


The next kick is known as the jump inside crescent or tornado kick. And the way we're going to start is by demonstrating, again, the basic first, and then the more advanced. So, from here, he's going to stand facing me. He's going to bring his hands up. Both hands are fists. He's going to be dropping the arms down straight in front of him so his palms are facing each other. He's going to pivot to an empty stance. Raise the hands overhead. Both palms facing each other. Notice that the right hand is a fist. Left hand is a palm here. He's got the left leg up. He's going to be swinging that left leg up. As he does that, he's going to jump and do an inside crescent off the right foot.

Once he's done he's going to punch through, so he's back to his starting position. Now he's going to do it full speed. Begin.

And one more.

Now we're going to do the jump inside crescent kick at a very high level. At this level, Ty is going to demonstrate landing on one leg.

And one more.

This concludes our demonstration of the jump inside crescent kick.

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