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3 Compulsory Combinations in Shaolin Kung Fu

Learn how to do three compulsory combinations from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Sifu Romain. Welcome to our demonstration of compulsory Shaolin techniques.

This is a short group of forms, or a short group of techniques strung together to make a short form. So to begin with we'll start with compulsory number one. This will involve a couple of techniques, slap kick, wheeling arm and punching up.

So to begin with we'll start with the slap kick. So you're going to raise your right hand. Step forward. Raise your left hand. Let your right arm swing back. Slap your left hand. And then slap your foot. That's a slap kick.

The next technique will be wheeling arm and slap the floor. So from here, what I'd like you guys to do is turn to forward stance. Raise your right arm. And then turn and raise your left arm. Continue to turn until you drop down into your Pu Bu or drop stance. You want to slap your hand right near your foot and you want your palm to face out. You also want to make sure that your arm is in a straight line. OK.

Now they're going to combine this first part of the technique. So we're going to go slap kick into wheeling arm. Ready? Begin. OK. And now we're going to do it full speed. Now we're going to add the punch up piece. Spencer will demonstrate for us. And this can be done repetitively, over and over again.

Let's move on to compulsory number two. And compulsory number two will involve a couple of techniques. So to begin with we'll start with the sweep. Go to forward stance. Stretch the arms out. Switch feet please. Alright, from here you're going to bring your hands back to generate energy or momentum for your sweep. You're going to sweep all the way down. Drop down. Pivot on the ball of the foot, looking at the foot the whole time.

Once you come up you're going to do what's called the Plum Circle. You're going to move your right hand first to your shoulder. Then your left hand is going to come up and you're going to look back. Hook the hand. Drop your right hand and then snap the wrist and the palm. And that will conclude the technique. So now we'll try the whole thing, compulsory number two. We'll be doing this full speed. At attention.

Now I will have Tai come up and Tai will demonstrate the whole thing from the starting position with circling the arms all the way into forward stance. Now we'll begin compulsory number three. This is a much bigger challenge and this involves a couple of different techniques. First we have leap into Pu Bu. Then we have punching skills, followed by kicking, wheeling arm slap the floor, and a new technique called Slap Fist and what we call scale position. So, to begin with we'll start with leap into Pu Bu. So we're going to block our left knee. Step down. Raise your hands over your head and lift your rear leg in front of you. Now hop and drop down to drop stance. Notice the hand in the pocket. The other hand in the lead shoulder. You're going to block the foot, stretching past your toe, grind into a forward stance and punch. Punch again and now turn and punch in the other direction.

From here you're going to bring your rear foot in. Block. Front kick. Step back to wheeling arm and slap the floor. Now to do the slap fist you're going to stand up and bring your hand back and bring the other hand forward. Lift your knee. Lift your knee in front of you to Crane stance. Now drop down and slap the hand and the feet at the same time. From here you're going to step back. With the palm to the rear and now you're going to lift your knee as your palm forward. We call this scale position. Now we'll have Tai demonstrate full speed. This concludes our demonstration of the Shaolin compulsory techniques.

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