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How to Do the Sweeping Technique in Shaolin Kung Fu

Learn how to do the sweeping technique from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Sifu Romaine. Welcome to our video on Shaolin sweeping techniques. We're going to be demonstrating two sweeps for you today, the front sweep and the rear sweep.

First, we have Ty demonstrating the front sweep. Let's go through it nice and slow.

To begin with, we start from a standing position. His arms will do what we call a flum circle. That means your right hand will go. Your left hand will follow. As it circles, it's going to main momentum to help you spin around.

When you drop down, hold, you want your heel up on this foot. You want your other foot turned in, so that you can sweep this way, sending your opponent backward.

Now, I'll have Ty demonstrating this, full speed.

Our next sweep will be a rear sweep.

To begin with, Spenser will start by circling his arms, stepping into a forward stance and pushing, bringing his arms back to wind up for momentum.

He's going to drop down into a drop position, raising the heel, pivoting, and looking at his foot the whole time, all the way around. Okay.

Spenser will demonstrate that full speed.

I'm Sifu Romaine and this concludes our demonstration of sweeping techniques.

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