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How to Do Chin-Na in Shaolin Kung Fu

Learn how to do chin-na from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Sifu Karl Romaine: Hi. I'm Sifu Romaine, and welcome to our video on Shaolin Chin Na. Chin Na is a joint locking system. Chin means to seize. Na means to control. And today we're going to demonstrate some various techniques.

The first technique we're going to demonstrate is what's called mirror palm. So my partner is going to grab me and this is what we call a same side grab. So for example, if I were to raise his hand and he was in the mirror. Right. That hand would wave back. Like if this happened in the mirror, that would be a little scary right? So we don't want that.

Now, some of the things we need to know about Chin Na is it works on what we call push pull theory, which means you can only be strong in one direction at a time. So, if he grabs and I try to go this way or this way, there's going to be some kind of resistance. So let's say I was trying to push out here. When I go to push out, he doesn't let me. He doesn't allow me. He's going to resist. He's going to push against me please. Right. So, now I'm going to go this way and take him down. Let's try it again. So again. I push against him. He doesn't allow me. I go here.

And I bring him down. Which is great. But what if he has two hands? If he has two hands, again, I can just pick one hand to go to. All right? Just pick one side, and again, bring him right down. That's for equal, but sometimes a partner will grab you across. Now again, remember I said we have push pull. Right? So I can go this way or this way with him as well. So, let's say a I tried to go forward and he didn't allow me. Great. I just take him this way, and then I lock him up right here.

Let's demonstrate a Chin Na from the rear grab. So now he's going to grab my shoulder. This one is called turn aside and strike the groin. I'm going to counter grab him. As I grab and hold a hand, bang. Reaching in striking the groin. Taking a hand, lifting it up off my shoulder, I can control the fingers, or, just take him down. This is a great one for law enforcement.

Sometimes we get into what we call lock flows, which means I put him in one lock, he tries to do something, I put him in another. So, in this lock flow, we're going to start with same side grab. First I'm going to go here. And I'm going to bend his arm as I do this lock. So he doesn't like that, so he's going to turn away. As he turns away, I then stretch him out into another lock. From here, he's going to try to punch. As he tries to punch, I go around with him, and I take him back down.

I am Karl Romaine. This concludes our demonstration of Shaolin Chin Na.

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