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What Is Shaolin Kung Fu?

Learn what Shaolin kung fu is from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Sifu Romaine, here to talk to you about Shaolin Kung Fu. There is a legend that dates back to 527 AD about an Indian monk who travels from India to China.

When he gets to China, he finds the monks are weak, and he's there to teach his version of Chan Buddhism.

While they're falling asleep, he gets frustrated. He decides to go into a cave, for a period of about nine years. When he comes out, he comes out with some special training exercises.

One of those exercises was the 18 bone Marrow Washing Qigong. Those exercises helped to restore the monks to better health.

Those monks eventually transferred those exercises, or took ideas from those exercises, and that became the first organized system of Kung Fu. We call that Shaolin.

In order for students to graduate from the Shaolin temple, there is a period of tests that they had to take. There was an oral and written examination. There was contests among their peers, and of course, the famous hallway of 108 dummies.

As they walked through the hallway, different perils were triggered, different dummies, and they would be attacked. If they survived, they would get to the end of the hallway, where there was an urn that they had to move.

They had to move it with their forearms. When they did that, they were branded with the tiger on one side and the dragon on the other. The door would open, and that would serve as their diploma as a graduation from Shaolin.

I'm Sifu Romaine, and this is a little bit about Shaolin Kung Fu.

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