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14 Shaolin Kung Fu Fighting Techniques

Learn fourteen fighting techniques from Sifu Karl Romain in this Shaolin kung fu Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Sifu Romain, and I'm here to share with you Shaolin fighting techniques. The first thing I want to talk to you about are the different ranges. Of course we have kicking, punching, immobilization, and grappling. And in Shaolin Kung Fu, we actually have techniques for each of these areas.

Let's start with kicking, since it's the furthest range. Of course we have all the basic kicks. We have side kick. We have hook kick. We have roundhouse. And of course we can combine them, as well. Not only do we have those long-range kicks, we also have spinning techniques and sweeping techniques. If he steps forward, we can sweep him this way. There are many of those sweeping techniques and kicking techniques in Kung Fu.

When we look at the hand techniques, we have eye jab. We have back fist. We have spinning back fist. We also have an array of hand techniques incorporating animal movements.

The next range is what we call trapping or immobilization. This is using sensitivity training where we work on working on reflexes based on touch. So let's begin. That's was what we call pops out or locks out. Let me do it a little slower. Slapping hand entry. Punch. He blocks. I finger jab, grab, followed by another punch. If I can hit him once, I can hit him ten times. We can even add this right into grappling range. So from here, come in, right into our grappling range.

In Kung Fu, if I want to go to grappling range from kicking, I can have my partner kick. I can block, grab and sweep.

I'm Sifu Romain, and these are Shaolin fighting techniques.

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