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How to Do Shaolin Kung Fu with Sifu Karl Romain

Learn about Sifu Karl Romain, one of Howcast's Shaolin kung fu experts, in this video.


Hi. I'm Sifu Karl Romain, and I've been training in the martial arts for approximately 34 years. I've gone on to become a world champion, to have my own school, to work with celebrities, to do television shows. I've been able to influence a great number of people. I've had about 33 world champions come out of that school. I've had students from all walks of life. I've had black belts like, John Francis Daily, from the TV show Bones. Amani Tumor, he was the leading pass receiver for the New York Giants team. People come to my academy to many different reasons. You know, Kung Fu, to me, is a way of life. In our school we have a teaching philosophy. Character first, ability second. You know, ability comes with time. But first we wanna work with the individual, the person behind the art, so to speak. We wanna make sure that that person is developing the kind of confidence that will help them, not just in the academy, but anywhere they go in life. Now I'm gonna teach you some basic things to help you get started with your Shaolin training.

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