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How to Treat Melanoma

Find out how melanoma is treated from board-certified dermatologist Ahmet Altiner in this Howcast video.


Treatment of melanoma will be determined based on the stage of the melanoma. Melanoma in situ, which means the melanoma's completely confined to the epidermis is treated just with excision. Normal surrounding tissue will need to be taken for examination for micrometastases. The second step is the treatment of invasive melanoma. The treatment of invasive melanoma will depend on the depth of invasion.

If the invasion is limited, only excision is needed. If invasion is extensive, not only does the primary tumor and surrounding tissue need to be excised, but also lymph nodes draining that area need to be examined. If it's metastatic melanoma, meaning the melanocytes have traveled to the lymph nodes, and other parts of the body, excision, radiation therapy, as well as chemotherapy will likely be needed, to get the melanoma under control.

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