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Fender Telecaster Deluxe Guitar Basics

Learn about the Fender Telecaster Deluxe from the experts at Main Drag Music in this Howcast video about electric guitars.


This is a '70s Telecaster Deluxe.

Basically, when they were coming out with this guitar, sort of an obvious attempt to capture the vibe of their competitor, which is Gibson. With two hum bucking pickups, three way toggle switch, and volume control for each pickup and a tone control for each pickup. They also went for this contoured body shape, which is characteristic of a Fender Stratacaster.
It's sort of, like an amalgamation of many different guitars. This particular one has a C shaped neck. It's a soft C. It's a little thinner, profile wise. Great or somebody with small hands or smaller hands. Not your traditional Telecaster. You're not gonna get the standard Telecaster sounds. Mostly because of the pickups. They're hum bucker pickups. They're higher output. They have a characteristically darker tone to them than Tele's usually do.

Tele's usually known for a cutting through mixes, cutting through other instruments onstage, in the studio. Typically, a Telecaster would have two single coil pickups. One in the bridge position, one in the neck position. A three-way switch. One volume, one tone. Those are master controls for each pickup. You can see that this is a very different design. In your bridge position.

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