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Fender Jazz Bass Guitar Basics

Learn about the Fender Jazz Bass guitar from the experts at Main Drag Music in this Howcast video about electric guitars.


We have a Fender Jazz Bass, this is a Squire model. Basically the same controls, take-up layout, size, this is just sort of more Fender's budget model. Two pickups, this one plays sort of, you know, strategically to get more of a deeper sound. Closer to the bridge, you're going to get more treble sounds. Volume control for each pickup and a master tone control. Again, with a dual pickup, you get to blend different sounds in and out.

[plays guitar]

Jazz basses are very comfortable to play. The way the body is tapered, just sort of the length from this top to this bottom, the neck is usually smaller in its radius, shape is not another C but it's tapered really thin at the knot and gets bigger, gets wider as the neck goes down the body. Characteristic sounds of the jazz bass, they're not very growly, like it's, you know, relative to the precision base. Jazz basses would be more in, you know, jazz fusion situations. I mean, you can't count out the jazz bass out of a rock situation also. John Paul Jones played them, from Led Zeppelin, Getty Lee play them from Rush. Sound of a jazz bass I would say it more of a tighter sound. So if you're looking for a tight sound, go for jazz bass. If you're looking for something more gritty, P-bass.

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