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Fender Jaguar Bass Guitar Basics

Learn about the Fender Jaguar Bass guitar from the experts at Main Drag Music in this Howcast video about electric guitars.


We are going to get into the Jaguar and it's controls. This is a '65 Fender Jaguar. It's been stripped to the bare wood with a light finish on it. A common thing people did in the 70s was strip away the finishes on a guitar and go for the all-natural vibe.

This control system they brought back for the Fender Jaguar bass. By going over this you will get a general idea of what that does as well. The switches bellow are only active when this switch is in the down position. When you put this in the up position it brings your controls to this control plate here. We will start down here. Neck pick-up on. Bridge pick-up on. And that is a tone cap. I'm going to play a little and show you how it sounds in each position.

Again, doing open chords just so you hear everything. When you move to the top position you notice that I was controlling everything from up here, because this top switch when you use it defeats everything below so you now have master volume and master tone which both pickups aren't.

It's a smaller scale. They were marketed towards students and beginner guitar players. They did pretty intense marketing campaign marketing to female guitar players. They put in sexy females and sexy guitar shape. The shorter scale neck was better for early teenage guys and females just because of smaller hands. They ended up becoming a very classic guitar. Recently the prices on the vintage ones have gone up considerably. They are really great rock guitars that have their own nasty sound rather than clean. They are very bright, especially when turned up, when you get to turn the amp up really loud.

So this is a Jaguar.

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