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Fender Jaguar Bass Guitar Controls

Learn about the Fender Jaguar Bass guitar controls from the experts at Main Drag Music in this Howcast video about electric guitars.


Moving on from the Jaguar bass controls, which I demonstrated in the Jaguar guitar. We have here a Squire modified Jaguar bass. The body shape is the same as a Fender Jaguar bass. Fender makes different variations of their instruments. I think there are three models of the Jaguar bass right now. All of them are under the Squire name. They don't make the Jaguar bass anymore.

This particular one that we have has a special pickup combination where you have a precision bass pickup and a jazz bass pickup. None of the switching system on this from a typical Jaguar bass. The pickup controls are volume, volume, there's a boost circuit, and master tone. The boost circuit will just bring everything up, boost your signal. That's an active circuit so it requires a nine-volt battery. The neck shape is a pretty chunky C shape. You can see that both the width and the depth of the neck are much bigger than a typical jazz bass. The body shape follows the pattern of any of Fender's offset guitars. It's meant to be a Jaguar shape.

That's just the bridge pickup. That's the P-bass pickup. I'm going to bring the jazz bass pickup in...and bring the boost circuit in...roll it off the tone control. That's your Jaguar bass basics.

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