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Fender Bronco Bass Guitar Basics

Learn about the Fender Bronco Bass guitar from the experts at Main Drag Music in this Howcast video about electric guitars.


Here with have the Squire by Fender Bronco Bass. It gets its namesake from the model guitar called the Fender Bronco that's no longer in production. It has a student model as were the original Fenders - smaller body, smaller neck shape, single pickup, not so much in the way of controls to confuse the beginner. It's pretty straightforward, just volume and tone for one pickup.

This particular one has a little bit more meat to the neck, which I rather like. It's definitely more of a wider C. It's a pretty basic bass. With a body shape being smaller it's not only geared towards the beginner, it's geared towards maybe the younger player, someone smaller in size. That wouldn't stop someone of an adult size rocking out on one of these because it's a pretty cool instrument.

This particular one sort of harkens back to the days of Fender Music Master bass and the Mustang bass, being of similar scale, smaller body shape, the Bronco bass having a single pickup versus the Mustang bass which had two staggered pickups, and then the music master bass which did have a single pickup. So basically, this instrument is more closely related to, say, a Music Master bass, but taking the Bronco guitar namesake.

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