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Fender Precision Bass Guitar Basics

Learn about the Fender Precision Bass guitar from the experts at Main Drag Music in this Howcast video about electric guitars.


So we are looking at a seventies precision center bass or P bass. This is like the quintessential sort of rock bass that you see mostly. Sort of related to the jazz base but not. The neck shape is very different , pick up configuration , body size , over all sound. We talked about the jazz bass being a tighter sound the P bass is the one that's more the growler.

If you want something that can certainly cut through mixes but doesn't necessarily retain the tightness and the cleanness of the jazz bass. You need something that is more gritty you would go with the P bass. These pick-ups are actually working together as one. You have a master volume and a master tone. Let's check it out sound wise. If you check out the neck profile. You'll see it’s not quite as tapered as the jazz it stays thicker wider all the way through.

This particular one has a rose wood finger board. If it were maple it would be a bit brighter sounding for fender I'd say a precision bass the most seen bass of fenders line. Well it's mostly the sound it suites a lot of players needs because it can do rock really well it can do R and B really well. You'd see a Donald duck dun playing a P bass from stacks Sam Dave focus Redding played with all those dudes. The P bass was and still is a sound.

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