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Gibson Les Paul & Gibson Les Paul Custom

Learn the difference between a Gibson Les Paul and a Gibson Les Paul Custom from the experts at Main Drag Music in this Howcast electric guitar video.


So a Gibson Les Paul. A Gibson Les Paul standard versus a Gibson Les Paul custom. It's different woods used. They use more exotic woods on the fret board on the custom. And you'll notice on a Les Paul custom, the whole thing is bound from headstock. The neck, the body, just has more accoutrement on the custom versus the standard. The standard is a pretty standard Les Paul model. It's two humbuckers, three-way switch, volume, volume, tone, tone. The Les Paul custom has the same configuration controls. It's just a little more dressed up and a bit of a step up from the standard. But that's also a preferential thing. Some people prefer the standard to the custom or the other way around. I'm more of a Fender guy, but between the Gibsons, I'm as comfortable playing a standard as a custom. Custom is just a little nicer. It's a little more decadent.

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