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How to String a Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar

Learn how to string a Gibson Les Paul from the experts at Main Drag Music in this Howcast video about electric guitars.


So now, we're going to string the guitar up, and we said before, we had 10
to 46 gauge strings. So, we're going to grab the low E. String it through
the tail piece, over top of the bridge. Now, we're going to come up here
and we want to wind around twice and through the hole. You want to make
sure the string comes over top of the wind. Now, you want to turn it up
some to get it nice and tight there.

Now, I like to cut the excess string off immediately, so it doesn't hit me
in the face. Then, you grab the A string and work twice around, pull it
taught, give it a couple jerks. I like to stretch the strings when I'm
putting them on. When you're turning it and tightening it up, you pull the
string up and hold it back.

Now, when you get to the unwound strings, I like wrap it around three
times. Always making sure, when I put it through the post hole, the string
comes over top the winds. Some people like to leave the excess string up
there and curl it around and stuff. I think it's messy and definitely
doesn't help the guitar stay in tune.

The B string, again, three winds instead of one or two.

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