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How to Set Up an Electric Guitar with Main Drag Music

Learn about Main Drag Music, one of Howcast's electric guitar experts, in this video.


My name is Ricky. I work at Main Drag Music. I'm the head guitar buyer/seller, or more like curating these days. It's pretty exciting. I grew up playing music. I'm still an active musician, as most of us are here. Coming in and getting to see these instruments that I read about when I was a child, not just the instruments, the amplifiers as well, spent so much time seeing them in books and magazines growing up and actually getting your hands on them and getting to know them a little more intimately is a pretty exciting part of the job.

Also, we get to help people figure out precisely what it is that they're looking for whether it's their kid's first guitar and they know how excited that their child is going to be when they see that gift. It's pretty nice because I remember my first guitar and I remember what that moment was like for me. It's special to be a part of that, you know?

We have a variety of instruments. We have guitars, basses, amplifiers, both vintage and used. It's a buy-sell-trade mentality. Most of our inventory is pre-owned, which is cool. I sort of prefer that vibe. You get instruments that were played and that have stories. You get to come in as a customer and continue that story. We are on South 1st and Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. It's a really unique vibe here that has happened over many years. It's been around since '97? We've been at this location for, I think, six years now. I remember coming here as a customer. It was my choice.

This vibe that's created here, it's unique in that we have all of these different, you can't even call them departments because it's one big, big room, but we have so many different examples of vintage guitars, both sort of collector pieces and also the more affordable things. We try to keep everything geared towards the working musician, and in doing so have created this really special atmosphere to check things out in a no-pressure environment. You can definitely get your hands on things and feel them out for yourself and really be sure about what tool you want to buy.

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