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How to Do the Shorty George Swing Dance

Learn how to do the Shorty George from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The Shorty George, one of the stable moves that you should have in your Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, and West Coast Swing repertoire. Looks like this. We're going to talk about how to do that. I'm going to turn my back to you for just a second, and you're going to try it with your right foot. First, you're going to do a kick-ball-change. You're going to go kick, then the ball of that foot, then change to your other foot. So that's kick, ball change. Let's try again. Kick, ball change. Now you should be good at doing this with both sides so let's go ahead and try the left as well. Kick, ball change. One more time, kick, ball change.

Now literally from that point is just walking, but the difference is is you're going to walk kind of like you put your knees together and let them go side to side. Rock to the outside edge of one foot to the inside edge of the other, rock back and forth, so back and forth. No swiveling in the feet. Feet stay forward, just rocking back and forth. If I were to walk like that, I would take forward step and have one knee fold behind the other so that both knees drop to one side, and then walk to the other side, both knees dropping to one side. My feet aren't swiveling. They're staying parallel, knees dropping to one side.

So it's going to be a kick-ball-change and then a series of walks. You're going to go kick, ball, this change both knees drop to my left, and then I walk to my right, and then I walk to my left. If I were to start that with my left foot, that would go kick, ball, drop to my right change, and then do the swivels, excuse me, the shorties. You're going to go kick, ball walk, walk, walk. Now if you look from the side I want to be kind of over my feet a little bit, so when I go kick, ball change I'm over my feet as my knees fold both to the same direction.

Again, practice your kick-ball-change. Practice your walk. Put your knees together so they go side to side. And you combine the three things - kick-ball-change, walking, keeping your knees together. Looks like this - kick, ball change, walk, walk. From the side - kick, ball change, walk, walk. You can go ahead and gesture your hands. Kick, ball change, you can gesture your hands down as that happens, and we have a Shorty George. We're going to go ahead and try that to music.

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