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How to Do the Triple Step Swing Dance

Learn how to do the triple step from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The triple step.

One of the few common denominators done in all styles of swing. What you're doing with the triple step is putting three steps into two beats of music, so if the rhythm was [snap , snap], those two beats, I'm going to do three steps, in that period of time. So the first triple step you're going to learn is just going step together step. Let's start left. We're going to go step-together-step, now to the other side, step-together-step.

I'll turn my back so you can try that with me. Left foot, step-together-step, right foot, step-together-step. And you want to kind of be in a slightly athletic position, so you don't want to be back on your heels. You want to be more on the balls of your feet. So again we go step-together-step, step-together-step. Now as we do that, we want to make sure we kind of change up the timing a little bit. So I want you to think little-little-big, little-little-big. Yeah? So we go, triple step, triple step.

Now I also want you to think about doing the triple steps maybe with the foot going behind then side. You're going to go behind-then-side, behind-then-side. So we have triple step, triple step. So we have a sideways triple. Ready, triple step, triple step. And we have a triple step that's a little bit more in place where one foot goes behind and then comes back to the side, behind-then-side, behind-then-side. And now let's try the triple step to music. Five, six, seven, eight.

And that is the triple step.

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