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How to Do the East Coast Swing Underarm Turn in Swing Dance

Learn how to do the underarm turn in East Coast Swing from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The under arm turn in East Coast Swing. So, it looks like this. We're going to start from what we call an open position. That's a two hand hold. We're going to go triple step, triple step, rock step, triple step, triple step, rock step.

So what you're going to do is take your first two triples but from an open position. We're going to go triple step, triple step. Now we're going to take that rock step where we both rock away. Rock step. But on that rock step my right hand drops, my left hand goes up leaders. That tells the lady she's going to be passing by my right side going underneath my left arm. So as she goes underneath the left arm we pass on the first triple step. Triple step. We face each other on the second triple step. Triple step. I can pick that hand up again if I want or not and go into the rock step. Rock step.

So again, I go triple step, triple step, rock step, that's where I start that left hand up right hand down, we pass each other, triple step, face, triple step, rock step. From there you could do it right away again. Triple step, triple step. Or, pick up the hand and take a basic. So we're going to go ahead and try the under arm turn to music.

And there's your East Coast Swing under arm turn.

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