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How to Do the East Coast Swing She-He Turn in Swing Dance

Learn how to do the she-he turn in east coast swing from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The she-he turn, or she turns, he turns for East Coast Swing. We start from the open position, much like you would do for an under arm turn. We're going to go triple step, triple step, same step on the rock step that you would do for the under arm turn, rock step. She goes underneath in the first triple, triple step, but keep your left arm up, leaders. You want to keep your left hand up so you have space to go underneath. In the second triple you're going to get all the way through going to your left. Triple step. And from there you'll both rock step. Rock step.

So, again, she goes under in the first triple. You go under in the second triple. So we go triple step, triple step, rock step, she's going to go underneath, triple step, keep that hand up, you go underneath, triple step, then you'll rock step, rock step.

One of the points to this that you want to think about is what we call the cup and pin where the lady keeps a cup with her hand, you have two fingers in that cup like the pin. You don't want to use your thumb because there's a lot of rotation going on in the hand as I go underneath. If I'm grabbing and I go underneath, I start to twist the lady's wrist. There's a fine line between jujitsu and dancing. We don't want to hurt our ladies. So this goes up, no thumbs, right? That way the pin can just rotate in the cup as we go around.

So let's try that again. We go triple step, triple step, rock step, she goes, triple step, I go, triple step, we face each other, rock step, you can pick up the hand or go ahead and do it again. We're going to try that to music.

Now you have your she-he turns.

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