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How to Do a East Coast Swing Left Side Pass in Swing Dance

Learn how to do a left side pass in swing dance from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The left side pass in East Coast Swing. We call it a left side pass because she passes by my left side, but she does not go underneath an arm. You can do this from closed position or you can do it from open position. We'll show you both, but first from open. We go triple step, triple step, rock step, pass by the left, triple step, rock step. From closed that would look like triple step, triple step, rock step, pass by my left, triple step, rock step.

In doing that, what's going to happen is we do the two triples. Triple step, triple step. From the rock step I already start thinking about going to the left, guys. Rock step. My left hand is going to send her by. Triple step. We face each other. Triple step, rock step. And I want to think about, it's just like a lady walking past me and I've opened a door for her and I've said, after you, and she walks by my left side. Again I would say, after you, and she would walk right by my left side. That's really what we're doing here in the left side pass.

So again, it looks like triple step, triple step, rock step, after you, triple step, rock step. Now I can go ahead and keep both hands in that left side pass if I wanted to, or I'm happy to let go of the right hand depending on what the next move is. Let's do our left side pass to music.

So from open position, or from closed position, there's your left side pass.

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