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How to Do an East Coast Swing Barrel Roll in Swing Dance

Learn how to do a barrel roll in swing dance from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The east coast swing barrel role; It is going to come off of your underarm turn with a hand change. So, we are going to go, triple step, triple step, rock step. You are going to end up right to right. You are going to do some kind of underarm with a hand change, ending up right to right. The barrel step looks like this, rock step, triple step, triple step, rock step, triple step, triple step, and you are going to go back to basic with a free pass.

So, what is going to happen is that underarm turn with the hand change is going to end up getting us right to right. Off of the rock step, the ladies are going to pass by my left side. They are going to do that and I am going to create this curve over my head. So, as I go, rock step on this first triple step I kind of turn Nicola in front of me a little me. I think about that shoulder heading to the middle of my chest so that our shoulders work like a gear where one shoulder goes first then the other shoulder as opposed to the illusion that we are going shoulder to shoulder. So, as I rock step, rock step, she turns, triple step and we face each other, triple step.

Again, you will see that I watch this shoulder. Rock step, I watch it, triple step, triple step because if we rolled shoulder to shoulder it is hard for me to get that arm up but if I let her turn first, so her shoulder is in the middle and my shoulder is going to the middle of her back as she passes, it works like a gear and gives us more space to be able to move.

So, that goes, rock step, she goes first, triple step. Here is out barrel roll. Triple step, triple step, same free pass, back to close. So, we have triple step, triple step, lets to an underarm turn, change hands and the barrel. Triple step, triple step, rock step, triple step, triple step, free pass, triple step, triple step, rock step. So, you have an east coast swing barrel roll, we are going to do it to music.

There you go! East coast swing with a barrel roll.

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