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How to Do an East Coast Swing Dance Wrap-In Wrap-Out

Learn how to do a wrap-in wrap-out in swing dance from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The wrap in, wrap out in East Coast Swing starts from an open position. What's going to happen is your left hand is going to go up, your right hand is going to go down. So we'll show it to you first. We're going to go, triple, triple step, rock step, wrap her up, triple step, rock step, and wrap her out, rock step.

So, what I want you to think about doing first of all is take your partner's hands like this, right hand is down, left hand is up. You're going to bring her to your right side. As you do that, just wrap her up, sort of just in like a little bit of a hugging position, right? No need to have this hand, you know, we're not going to put her into a strait jacket, right? Nice and relaxed. So again, I do this facing you. My left hand goes up, my right hand goes down, and I bring her to my right side. It's just turning her into a wrap. Yes?

From here, we take that from our basic and we go triple step, triple step, rock step. Now it's the same prep that you would do for the under arm turn. You're just keeping your left hand down and holding the left hand as opposed to letting go of it. You stay in place gentlemen as she wraps up to you, triple step, you both back up, triple step just a little bit, and then rock step. Rock step.

To get her back out you basically reverse it. You're going to lift your left arm as she goes forward, triple step, let her come underneath, triple step, to the rock step, rock step. So that's the wrap in and wrap out. I wrap her in, and then basically unwrap her. We're going to do the wrap in, wrap out to music.

So the wrap in, wrap out for East Coast Swing.

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