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How to Do the East Coast Swing Dance Sweetheart Position

Learn how to do the sweetheart position in swing dance from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


Getting lady to the sweetheart position in East Coast Swing. So we're going to take this, you're going to have to end up right to right. We're going to take it from an under arm turn with a hand change, but somehow you're going to have to get right to right. So as we take our basic triple step, triple step, rock step, we do the under arm turn to the hand change, and I'm going to bring her in to a sweetheart position and then you'll be able to let her out. Rock step. We'll do the same free pass to change our hands.

So what did we do? We did the under arm turn to the hand change. Sweetheart position is any time I get a lady right alongside me with my right hand on her right shoulder, left hand out in front holding her left hand. This is sweetheart position. From the rock step I'm going to bring her in, much like I would do if I was doing a wrap in or wrap out. I would rock step, rock step, bring her to my right side, triple step, slightly back it up, triple step, and then let her rock step, rock step. Same thing, I let her go forward on the triple step. Triple step. I take the left hand over. Triple step. And we rock step. Now on that rock step I would generally let go of the left hand and then just do a free pass. Triple step, to get back to a regular hand hold. So again, we're going to take the under arm turn with the hand change, bring her to the sweetheart position, triple step, triple step, let her forward, left hand over and let go of it, free pass, rock step.

We'll do that from one more angle for you. So that's going to go, triple step, triple step, rock, under arm, triple step, change hands to sweetheart position, triple step, triple step, rock step, forward, left over but let go of it, right side free pass, rock step, back to close position. Let's go ahead and do the sweetheart dance position to music.

And now you know how to get into the sweetheart position.

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