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How to Do the Lindy Swing Out in Swing Dance

Learn how to do the Lindy swing out in swing dancing from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The basic Lindy swing out. It's an eight-count pattern that goes rock step, triple step, walk, walk, triple step. It looks like this. Rock step, triple step, walk, walk, triple step. Rock step, triple, triple, walk, walk, triple step. So what we're going to do here, the swing out, we're swinging her out to start doing whatever it is we want to do in the dance.

We start with the rock step. Rock step. On this triple step, I'm moving to my left by getting in front of her if she goes dead forward. Triple step. From here, she's going to walk past me on her walk, walk. I'm just going to get out of the way with my right foot. Walk, walk. So she's moving away from me now. On this next triple step, she moves away from me still. Triple step. Turning around to do a little swiveling action, as I rock step she goes swivel, swivel. Swivel, swivel. I'll pick her back up into close. Triple step. We'll talk a walk, walk around. Walk, walk, back it up, triple step.

And we can do the pattern again. So it goes, rock step, get in front of her, triple step, send her by you, walk, walk, finish it off, triple step, she swivels coming back at you with her right, I go left, rock, step, picking her up into close, triple step, stay there, walk, walk, back it up, triple step, and we can start over. So I start left, she starts right with the rock step. We're going to do the Lindy swing out to music. [music]

And we're doing the Lindy Hop.

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