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How to Do the West Coast Swing Left Side Pass in Swing Dance

Learn how to do the left side pass in west coast swing dance from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


Let's go swing, left side pass. From here, open position. Ladies are gonna
do the walk, triple, triple. Exact same footwork you would do in an
underarm turn. Guys, yours is a little bit different. You're actually
gonna step completely out of the way on count one, moving out of the way so
she can go by your left side. That's gonna be one. On count two, I just
take this foot, put it right underneath me, two, as she passes moving
subtly to my right.

Then, we have two triple steps as she passes. Triple step, I face her.
Triple step. That's the left side pass, so she's gonna go by the left
side, walk, walk, triple step. Triple again, walk, walk, triple step,
triple step. Remember, if there was a door here, I would say, after you and
she would move right by my left side. I'm doing the exact same thing with
my lead as saying, after you, inviting the lady to pass by my left side
using the basic step of walk, walk, triple, triple.

I start left. She starts right. That's your side pass. Here it is to music.

After you with your left side pass.

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