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How to Do the West Cost Swing Sugar Tuck

Learn from Robert Royston how to do the sugar tuck in this Howcast swing dance video about West Coast Swing.


The West Coast Swing Sugar Tuck.

So it comes off of a sugar push where I would bring the ladies forward and then swing them back in the sugar push. The difference is going to be that my left hand comes up, walk, walk. Now you could do this as a touch step or a triple step. We could go touch then I'm going to... this is the tuck, I'm going to send her the other direction, step. She takes a triple to finish it. Triple step.

So again, I go walk, walk, touch, step, triple step. You could take that as a triple. Walk, walk, triple step, triple step and the tuck still works. Off the sugar push I bring the ladies in, immediately lifting my left hand. Walk, walk, touch and/or triple, touch, step, triple step. Because my hand ends up over the top I need to finish this with an underarm turn. Walk, walk, triple step. And that fixes the hand. Stance magic, right?

From here we have the sugar tuck. Walk, walk, tuck the ladies, triple step, finish with an underarm turn, triple step, triple step. That's a sugar tuck. Now, with a sugar tuck I can take my left hand up and she goes underneath. I could take my right hand up and she goes underneath. I could take both hands up and she goes underneath both hands and then I could do another sugar push where we split. There's all kinds of variations. If I take no hands up in the sugar tuck she does it as a free spin. Once you end the sugar tuck you immediately have four more moves. We're going to do it to music.

It's a sugar push with a tuck turn and we call it a sugar tuck.

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