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How to Do the West Coast Swing Whip in Swing Dance

Learn how to do the whip in west coast swing dance from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The West Coast Swing Whip, which is our first 8-count timing in West Coast Swing.

The whip is walk, walk, triple, walk, walk, triple.

If we just did that in place, I go left, she goes right, walk, walk, triple step, walk, walk, triple step. That's basic whip timing.

What's going to happen on the walk, walk, I bring her in. I go back cross. She comes forward and starts to pivot.

Walk, walk, that's 1, 2. By 2, I have her back with my right hand.

My left hand is in a closed position, but on 3 and 4, I'm going to take 3 and, right in place, 3 and. I'm 90 degrees for the lady, 4, I step across, 4.

Now we're offset of each other. Her shoulders and the middle of my chest, that's 4. On 5, I'm going to collect my foot underneath me as she turns, 5.

That's the whipping effect, letting go, 6, 7, and 8. I'm going to pick her up on 2 and let her fly on 5. Pick her up on 2, let her go on 5.

I have, walk, pick her up, walk, triple step, walk, walk, triple step. We'll do that from a different angle.

Again, picking up the lady on count 2, leaders, I have walk, 2, that's 1, 2, 3 and I stay right here, 3 and. 4 moves across the slot, 4.

As she comes forward. She's going to pass me, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

On 3 and 4, Nicole is doing what's called a coaster step. That means back together forward. A coaster step is back, together, forward.

She goes 1, 2, back, together, forward. She's forward on her right. I'm on my left. From here we go, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

To music, it looks like this.

There's your basic whip.

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