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How to Do a West Coast Swing Whip with an Inside Turn

Learn how to do a whip with an inside turn in west coast swing dance from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The West Coast Swing Whip with an inside turn looks like this, one, two, three and four, five, six, seven and eight. So you take a basic whip where we have one, two, three, and, but as I cross on the three, as I cross on four, the left hand starts to come up four to let her know she's going underneath this arm. On five I let her pass but she's now turning to her left. Five now it feels almost like an underarm turn, for six triple stepping, seven, and eight. I'll do that from a different angle.

So again the prep happens from the three and into the four, but I start to lift my left arm, and it's called an inside turn because the hand passes inside of the two of us, opposed to the hand going outside, and outside turn my lead hand goes away from my body, an inside turn the lead hand comes into my body. So we have one, two, three and this is where it starts to come to the inside four right, so it's on the three and to the four. Then we have five, six , seven, and eight. Nice and easy, create a lot of space.

We want to make sure on the three and there's lots of room here. See the room we have here? I don't want to be too close cause I'm crossing that hand in front, so it's gonna crowd us a bit. So we have one, two create the space, five, six, seven and eight. Whip with an inside turn, here it is to music.

There's your Whip with and Inside Turn.

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