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How to Do the Locked Whip in West Coast Swing Dance

Learn how to do the locked whip in West Coast Swing from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


The locked whip.

Now a locked whip is a little bit different. It's still eight counts. Walk walk triple. Walk walk triple. But the lady's going to walk all the way forward, straight no turn, and then straight back. Now some places in the country, by the way, call this a basket whip. Locked whip, basket whip same thing.

It looks like this. Walk, walk, triple step. Walk, walk, triple step. So Nicola walks dead forward. Walk, walk, takes a triple, triple step. Walks straight back, walk, walk, triple step. I'd do the same foot work that I'd do in basic whip. But it's going to feel like an underarm turn to the ladies. She's going to be going by my right side, going underneath my left arm. But I'm going to have her left hand with my right. So that I take, and I bring her into what we call a basket position.

From the front, that looks like this. So I don't want to be here. Don't want to be here. Don't want to be here. Nice and relaxed. I'm on her hip. And this hand is off. There's no need to put this hand on her body. So from here I pick up that hand. We go walk, walk, she goes dead forward into that, triple step. Then she's gonna back up. Walk, and I let go of the lower hand, triple step. So we have walk, walk, triple step. Walk walk, triple step. So that's a locked, or a basket. I'll do it from this side. Walk, walk, triple step. Walk, walk, triple step. You're locked. We're basket whipped to music.

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