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How to Dip a Lady in West Coast Swing Dance

Learn how to dip a lady in West Coast Swing from dance champion Robert Royston in this Howcast dance video.


To spice up your West Coast Swing a little bit, we're going to show you a turning basic with an inside turn to a dip - how to dip the ladies. So it looks like this: walk, walk, triple step, triple step, rock step, inside turn, dip the ladies, and when you're ready come out with any sort of side pass or inside turn.

Now, dipping a lady. Before we even get into how to get there, let's say once we get there. She's here. My hands are going to be up like to the outside of the lady's shoulder blades underneath the shoulder, so not down here on her back. I'm up here like this. I'm going to rotate Nicola. Now Nicola is going to keep most of her weight over her right leg, and actually she bends into that right leg a little bit and kind of sits so she's supporting most of her own weight. As I bring her on to that foot, we bring her in. This is called a sit dip and it cheats just a little bit. We dip here, so she's supporting most of her own weight. As she's supporting most of her own weight, there's not real sense of fear for the ladies socially. Right?

And guys, what I'm doing is just kind of lunging to my left. My weight is on my left foot. I kind of put my knee forward a little bit there. My right leg is straight. So again that goes, boom. That's a sit dip. All I have to do is bring her up to that other foot, and here we could do a side pass out or any other sort of throw out.

Now if you're comfortable with your partner, you do that exact same thing, but as she goes and you lunge, she can give you her body weight. She can lay her head back, and it's probably best if she lays her head back. There's less tension in body. Then I bring her up onto that foot. Rock, step or whatever is necessary to send the ladies up. One of the things you want to notice, ladies, is as Nicola goes here, if she keeps her head up looking at me in the dip, it actually has a lot of tension. There's like neck tension there. If she relaxes her head back and pushes her belly button up, that actually gives a little bit more arch, it's more relaxed, less effort to the back.

Bring her up, rock, step, triple step, triple step. How we get to that position is off of a walk or a rock step. Let's take it from a rock step. As she goes rock step, I do an inside turn, triple step. So a rock step, triple step. That's where I let go of the left, pick up the back, we'll do a sit dip and we go into the sit dip. We hang that for as long as we want, and then come out into the triple triple. So you have a sit dip where the ladies, you can choose not to give the man your body weight but still go into the dip. Or, if you trust the guy and the guy knows you pretty well, you can go into body weighted dip where her head goes back. It's better for her to think about laying back then holding her neck up which is going to create a lot of stress and tension. We're going to show you this to music. [music]

And there is how we dip a lady.

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