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4 Pitching Techniques in Baseball

Learn four different baseball pitching techniques from Coach Darren Gurney in this Howcast baseball video.


There are a variety of different baseball pitching techniques to be mindful of as a pitcher.

For instance, it's very important to get the elbow above the shoulder when pitching. Number two, it's very important that when they get into the balance-point position, that they're balanced and they're fluid and they're not tight in their posture. They should also hide the baseball effectively so that the batter cannot see their grip on the baseball. And upon releasing the baseball, they must get good extension, and to do so they must bend their back into what we call a flat back posture.

Another thing that pitchers need to do is make sure they incorporate their hips and lower body in their pitching. Otherwise, they'll be pitching strictly with their upper body and will not gain the maximum velocity on the ball. Lastly, their back leg must come around so they can wind up in a solid fielding position.

Those are some effective pitching techniques.

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