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How to Throw a Baseball

Learn how to throw a baseball from Coach Darren Gurney in this Howcast video.


When considering the effective ways of throwing a baseball, there are certain things that every player, regardless of his position, should do, whether it be an outfielder, infielder, pitcher, or catcher.

They should point their glove at the target. They should get their elbow above the shoulder. And they should always have an effective follow through and get a good flat back posture upon release. Very often, we start our players off on a knee whereby the player has to slowly go through each mechanic in isolation. For one, he separates his hands, get the elbow above the shoulder, gets into the high-cocking position or flex-bow position where the glove is blocking the baseball. And as he releases the ball, he tucks the glove under his armpit and extends forward.

And in achieving excellent extension, he bends his back to release the baseball across his body. It's also imperative that players point their glove at their target so that they can block the hitter's view of the baseball and also stay on a linear path to deliver the baseball with an effective flat back posture delivery.

That's how you throw a baseball.

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