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4 Baseball Pitching Tips for Kids

Learn four baseball pitching tips for kids from Coach Darren Gurney in this Howcast video.


Pitching tips for kids. There are a variety of different things that kids should do when trying to master becoming a good pitcher.

The first thing is grips. It's important that all kids learn how to throw a four seam fast ball, a two seam fast ball, and a change up. If you don't have proper grip on the ball, kids, you'll never become an effective pitcher.

Next, it's imperative that all kids learn how to get their elbow above their shoulder when pitching. If they don't get their elbow above their shoulder, they're going to be coming from a side arm or ineffective arm slot, which could cause arm pain and cause the ball to sail or tail.

Another thing is the glove side. Kids must always point their glove at the target they're throwing to and then bring it up into their armpit upon release.

Lastly, kids should always remember to follow through effectively and bend their back as they release the ball to their target.

If you follow these tips, kids, you'll all be excellent pitchers.

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