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How to Throw a Cutter in Baseball

Learn how to throw a cutter from Coach Darren Gurney in this Howcast baseball video.


How to throw a cutter.

The cutter or cut fast ball is a combination of a four seam fast ball and a

The major difference here is that when throwing a cutter, you do not turn
the forearm or wrist, but rather you hold it as a fast ball, except that
the ball is rotated on more of a diagonal angle in the hand. Mariano Rivera
has had a Hall of Fame career by throwing the cut fast ball.

The cut fast ball thrown from a right-handed pitcher's hand will run away
from a right-handed batter, and into a left-handed batter. Conversely, a
left-handed pitcher that throws a cut fast ball will watch the ball cut into
a right-handed batter and tail away from a left-handed batter. The cut
fast ball is an effective pitch thrown in conjunction with a two seam
fast ball, which typically runs into a batter.

This will stymie the batter when a cut fast ball is used in conjunction
with the two seam fast ball.

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