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How to Throw a Shuuto Pitch in Baseball

Learn how to throw a shuuto pitch from Coach Darren Gurney in this Howcast baseball video.


How to throw a shuuto pitch.

The shuuto pitch is a pitch that has been perfected and utilized in Japan, mostly. The shuuto is much like a screwball, or a two seam fast ball which runs in on a righty batter, as thrown from a right-handed pitcher.

Most popularly, it was seen in the movie "Mr. Baseball" in which lead character, Tom Selleck, could not hit this devastating shuuto pitch. As it turns out, Selleck learned how to hit it and had a tremendous season in Japan. The shuuto, when released, runs in towards the right-handed batter and jams him. It was utilized against right-handed power hitting hitters in Japan by crafty right-handed pitchers. However, it can be used by a left-handed pitcher against a left handed batter just the same. This is how you throw a shuuto pitch.

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