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How to Pitch a Baseball with Coach Darren Gurney

Learn about Coach Darren Gurney, one of Howcast's baseball pitching experts, in this video.


I'm Coach Darren Gurney. I grew up playing baseball in the New York area, went on to play four years of varsity baseball at Washington University, before going on to play 11 years with the Pleasantville Red Sox.

After playing passionately as a player for many years, I became involved with coaching. In my coaching years, I've coached at Division I college level at Iona College, as well as coaching for the past 20 years at the high school level.

I've also published a book, "Covering All the Bases," which as the name implies, covers all the various skills and fundamentals of baseball. To see sample pages and read more about it, go to

Most recently, I published a DVD entitled "Pro Pitching Drills." To see sample footage, you can also go to the Covering All the Bases website.

I've been fortunate over the years to coach many effective ball players, including over 20 players who were selected in the Major League baseball draft. During the summer months, I train many baseball players, utilizing cutting edge technology and baseball techniques.

To learn more about our camps and clinics, please go to Now I'm going to teach you everything you need to know to be a great baseball pitcher.

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