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How to Use Gel & Pomade on Curly Hair

Learn how to use gel and pomade on curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


I'm going to show you how to use gel and pomade on curly hair today.

I wanted to talk a little bit first about why you would want to use a gel or a pomade. I feel like gels and pomades are good if you have really, really frizzy hair. Meaning that, you don't just have a couple areas of frizz, you have an overall feeling of frizziness to the hair. Also, they're good if your hair is really coarse and needs to be weighed down a little bit. So, what I would do is, I would apply the get throughout the hair, just rake it through with your fingers and then I would actually take and section off hair. So, I would just section up all of the top hair and focus on the bottom.

And you could do two things here, after you apply your gel you could take your hands and rake through and then just drop the hair or if you wanted more definition, one of my favorite tricks to do is to use a fine tooth comb. And this is, this one can be a little bit tricky only because our instinct is to always touch the hair. So, what you would do is, you would put your gel through and then you would take and pick up a piece of the hair and drag the comb all the way through to the tip and then you would leave it. What will happen is, you've straightened out the hair, you've smoothed the cuticle, you've distributed all of your product and then you're curls will naturally bounce up. So, I would do this to each section. Leave it alone, don't touch it. Keep moving up the head, grabbing sections, pulling your comb all the way through the tips.

What you'll see is, you'll see the hair start to ribbon up. So it's, it's a very soft effect but it's the smoothest look possible. This is beautiful, in really, really coarse, really curly hair. You would continue to do this all the way up through the head. Then I would recommend, either diffusing it or letting it air dry. You would at least let it air dry for a little bit before you popped in the diffuser. So, you would just continue that all the way up to the head and that is how to use gel or pomade on curly hair.

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