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How to Do a Cute Ponytail Style on Curly Hair

Learn how to do a few cute ponytail styles for curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


Now I'm going to show you how to do a really cute ponytail style for naturally curly hair.

I'm going to start by taking Casey's hair and moving it over to the opposite side of her part. I'm just going to put a very low ponytail. One thing to remember when working with curly hair is you always want to keep things kind of loose. You want to keep the integrity of the curl. A lot of times our instinct is to flatten out and make everything as slick as we can, but then you get this disconnect because all of this hair is smooth and then all of this is curly. I am also leaving this whole side out. So, everything that's in front of her ear I've left out, and I'm going to do some detail work with it later.

I'm just going to take a nice clear elastic band and I'm going to put her hair here on the side in a full ponytail. What I'm going to do now is take the ponytail and separate it into two sections. I'm going to twist them moving toward her face, and this works two ways. Some people like to twist the whole entire hair. I think that's probably easiest when you're working at home. And it doesn't have to be a perfect twist because we're going to loosen it up.

Now both of the hair is twisted toward the face, and we're going to twist them the opposite direction. So, I'm going to take this hair that's in the front, I'm going to cross it over the back, and I'm just going to keep doing that. Just wrapping it around, then I'm going to kind of smooth out the ends so that they look a little bit more polished. I'm going to take my other clear elastic band. I'm going to secure the end. If you have really coarse natural hair you might not need to put a ponytail on the end. It might hold itself.

After I do that I'm going to just kind of spread everything out. I'm going to loosen up those twists a bit. You want it to look really nice and full. But it's a really interesting effect. Most people think it's a braid. Can't really tell how you came to that conclusion. So that's your twist on this side.

Now I'm going to integrate the hair from the other side, and I'm going to do the same thing and continue the twist here. I'm going to twist everything toward her face. Then I'm going to twist those two things. So, I've gotten now to the start of the other ponytail, and I'm going to take a couple of bobby pins and pin that into place. Of course, you could leave this out and just concentrate the twist in the ponytail and do something else, pin that side maybe.

Now I have the tail hanging from our other side. I'm just going to use it to wrap around the pony tail holder. Then I'm going to pin the end into place.

I think this is a really creative way to do a ponytail. It's a lot easier than a braid, and it's just a different option. So, you can interpret it in any different way you want to. You can leave out the twist on the side and just do one solid twist. You could do a really high ponytail would be cute twisted like that also. You have tons of options to do.

So this is just a really cute ponytail style.

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