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How to Cut & Layer Curly Hair

Learn how to cut and layer curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


I wanted to talk to you about how to cut and layer your curly hair.

I think it's very important to start off with the right foundation. So, to start off your curls with the right haircut. Any experienced hair stylist can give you a great haircut, depending on whatever texture you have. It's not really that important to go to one that has curly hair but it definitely helps. So, what I would suggest is talk to your stylist about what kind of maintenance you do on your hair, what your daily routine is, what you love about your hair and what you hate about your hair and maybe she can help you find a better way to cut your hair.

I think that, aside from just getting your cut in a long layered cut, you want to think about the silhouette, especially if your hair is short, medium or long. It's a different silhouette that you like. So, a lot of times when we have longer hair, we don't mind seeing a little bit of fullness towards the ends of the hair but when you get up into the medium length hair, you really want it kind of softened. So, you want to see the weight of the hair, the body of the hair shifted up.

And then for a short cut, I would definitely suggest, if you have curly hair, maybe trying a razored cut or getting one that's really, really texturized with the shears. All of those looks would look really great and really accentuate curly hair. If you have full, coarse, thick hair, you might also want to consider getting your hair thinned out. I like to get the hair thinned out internally, meaning everything that's being thinned out is inside, you don't see any of the thinned parts on the top. And then you might also consider experimenting a little bit with your layers then, sometimes if you have coarse, thick hair, it's better to have your layers be longer so that they're a little bit heavier, meaning that they'll weigh the hair down. Sometimes the opposite is actually great for coarse, curly hair because it'll help kind of aerate the hair and give the hair a little bit more body and life.

So, I would experiment with both of those options and see which one feels more like you. When cutting curly hair, I always think it's beautiful to do some face-framing layers, something that's soft around the face, especially if you pull your hair back a lot, it's nice when a couple little pieces fall down here and there. So, that's what I'd recommend when cutting and layering your curly hair.

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