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How to Use Twisting Techniques for Curly Hair

Learn how to use twisting techniques on curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this curly hair tutorial from Howcast.


Today I'm going to show you how to do a couple of twisting techniques for curly hair. So what you're going to do is, you want to start from the base of the hair. Section off a little piece at the bottom. And depending on how tight your curls are, or how tight you want your curls, the tighter the curls, the smaller the section. The bigger the curls, the bigger the section.

So Casey's fresh out of the shower. I've already prepped her hair with a curl energizing cream. And you can use water. I actually prefer to use a leave-in conditioner spray or something to prep the hair. Usually because it's a little lighter than water.

So now we're going to twist the hair. I'm going to take tiny little sections and I'm going to smooth the hair before I start twisting, and then I'm just going to twist. And it's a light twist. It's not a tight heavy twist. It's almost like a daydream curl, how you're just sitting around twiddling your hair.

This is a great technique if you have any pieces in your hair that are too straight, or straighter than the rest of the texture. You may want to just twist those sections of the hair that are too straight. I also use it on my own hair for pieces that are too curly. A lot of times near our hairline in the front of our face, around our face tends to be too curly, or else the hair underneath tends to be too curly, or too straight. So these are great techniques for utilizing that. It's redistributing your product. So if you have trouble with your hair with frizz, or with it lasting all day, these are great things.

Truthfully, when I do this to my hair it takes me probably five minutes and I usually do it on the couch watching TV. So it's very easy.

Now if you wanted to play around with your hair and make it fuller, make the curls a little bit bigger, you could take larger sections. You could even take as few as three or four big sections in the back. You could almost create like quadrants in the back of the head and just curl those big curls, and then just diffuse those and you should see that you get a little bigger curls. It doesn't work with everybody so be sure and experiment with your hair.

All the product is in the hair now so as I'm twisting along it's redistributing the product.

If your hair was more on the wavy side, one thing that I like to do after I twist in my curl enhancing product is spritz on a little beach spray or a salt spray. It's a really great way to add a little bit of weightless hold and texture if your hair isn't necessarily curly.

I'm just going to continue on. This may seem like it's taking a little bit of time, but if you can get a couple days wear out of just twisting your hair and you're happier with the results, then I think it's time well spent.

I like to, whenever I'm twisting the hair around the face, I try to twist it moving away from the face, so the direction is moving away from the face. I just think that that creates a more open space for your face and is a little bit more modern.

Now that we're at the top section of the hair I am going to do these twists on the top going straight up. So really aerating that root. And then you can see when you lay it down, you get this little bump here, and that's beautiful.

Last little section here, but a very important section, so I'm just going to make sure that I'm getting all those little baby hairs, pushing them in with my finger. Making sure everything is aerated.

Now from this point you could air dry the hair or diffuse it.

So this is one technique for twisting curly hair.

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