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How to Shampoo Curly Hair

Learn how to shampoo curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this curly hair tutorial from Howcast.


I have a couple of tips for shampooing curly hair.

First of all you want to shampoo as little as possible. You want to try to extend your shampoos to at least every other day, if not every two days, if not even longer than that. The reason being, is the active ingredient in shampoo is a stripping one. Doesn't mean it's bad to your shampoo, you just need to be really considerate of your hair when you do. So, one thing that I like to say is, just apply shampoo right to the root.

The rest of your hair doesn't really need the shampoo, it's just to whisk away the oil. And then when you’re actually rinsing the shampoo from your hair, it'll cascade over everything else and that's enough to cleanse the hair. One thing you might consider also is, instead of actually shampooing, when you’re in the shower actually doing the same motions that you would. Meaning, really emulsify your hair, really massage that scalp, and give it a really, really thorough rinse and then finish with a conditioner. You might find that actually does enough of the trick, helping to keep it clean feeling without actually ever stripping the hair. Another thing that you could consider would be to almost dumb down the strength of your shampoo.

So, you would take your normal amount of shampoo in your hand and then you would add, maybe, a drop of conditioner to it. So your adding a small conditioning agent to it as well, and just disperse that. I would still say just on your roots, and then as you rinse the hair the rest of the shampoo will distribute through the rest of the hair. So those are some great tips that I have about shampooing your hair.

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