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How to Condition Curly Hair

Learn how to condition curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


So I have some good tips for conditioning your curly hair. First of all, any time that your hair is wet, it needs to be conditioned. So if you're the type of person that gets your hair wet every day in the shower, you need to condition afterwards, even if you don't shampoo.

So when you condition curly hair, you want to start kind of midway through the hair and condition midway to the tips. I will always wrap it up and leave it in for at least two minutes or whatever your conditioner recommends you doing.

Another great tip, while you have the conditioner in your hair is a great time to actually comb through your hair. I would use either a wet brush that has really flexible bristles or a really wide-toothed comb. Go ahead and brush through your hair while it has the conditioner on. So will slip through your hair, and then when you rinse your hair, you're done with your whole brushing. So you never have to brush outside of the shower.

A good tip to remember when conditioning your hair is sometimes just conditioner in the shower isn't enough moisture. So you might actually want to follow that up outside of the shower when you have towel-dried hair with a leave-in conditioner, something that's a little bit thicker.

If you have super-coarse hair, you can always try using regular conditioner as a styling agent, too. So after you towel-dry your hair, put in a little regular conditioner. Start off with a small size, maybe a pea size. Distribute it through, and see if it gives your hair enough weight to kind of weigh it down and keep it shiny.

So those are my tips for conditioning curly hair.

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