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How to Pick a Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Learn how to pick a hairstyle for curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial.


I get asked a lot how to choose the best hairstyle for naturally curly hair. There are definitely some things to consider. First thing you want to consider is the shape of your face, and what kind of texture your curls actually are, whether they're coarse tight texture, whether they're a loose kind of beachy texture. All of these play in the factor.

So starting first with the face shape, I think if you have a rounder face shape - I would ask a friend what face shape you have, because most women think that they have a round face, and very few actually do. So maybe ask your close girlfriend to tell you what shape your face is. Once you know what your face shape is, I would suggest if you have a round face, the best way to balance a round face is to either create a lot of height on the top to elongate the hair, or to keep the lengths really long on the sides, so that it kind of cuts the sides of the face off, and again creates the illusion of a longer face.

If you have a strong jawline, if you have like a heart-shaped face or a square face, it's nice to keep a lot of soft layers around your face, because it will soften up those harsh edges. If you have an oval face, the great thing is you can do whatever you want with your cut, there's no rules. We're always trying to create that oval illusion, so if you already have the oval to begin with, you're really not limited to anything. If you have a long face and curly hair, I will definitely recommend getting your layers cut, so that they're the fullest on the sides of your face, and that will create the illusion that your face has a little bit more fullness and it's not quite as long. So those are things to consider.

Now talking about the texture of your hair, you want to consider how the curls stack and lay on each other. So if you have very, very coarse hair that's super curly, you might consider keeping it longer, so that you can control it a little easier, something that will maybe weigh down those curls and keep them a little bit more contained. If you have finer hair, that maybe has got a little bit more of a wave or curl to it, you want to add in lots of layers to give it lots of body and movement throughout.

So those are my tips for choosing the best hairstyle for curly hair.

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