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How to Straighten Curly Hair Pt. 2

Learn how to straighten curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial, part two of a three-part series.


Another thing that I always recommend when doing a blow dry at home is the nozzle. This is a concentrator nozzle. What this is going to do, and if we didn't have it, it's going to blow dry the hair, so that the hairs moving in all different directions. By using this attachment, you're taking control of the airflow, so you are taking it, and you're directing the air where you want it to go. You're not going to be over whelmed. This is actually going to help you have an easier job. It's probably the first thing that you throw away when you get a new blower, but don't it's very important.

I'm going to start with this section here, pulling it out to the side. The motion you make with the blow dryer, you always want to be following the brush along. The blow dryer's pointed in the direction of the hair. It's not pointed this way. You always want to go in the same direction of the hair, 'cause we're trying to limit the amount of frizz. You just keep following that hair with your blow dryer, until you get it smooth, until you can start to see the dryness in it.

Then to finish the ends, you're going to want to, after you blow dry that center section, you're going to blow dry the ends into the brush, and you're just going to kind of roll it up. Then after that I'm going to pause, or hit a cool blast with my blow dryer. Apply cool air or just let it rest in there, and then take it down, and it should have a nice little bit of a wave to it. It's not super, super flat, it's still got a little bit of movement, but it's definitely smooth and sleek.

I'm just going to keep doing this until I get to the front hairline. Then I'm going to do the exact same thing on the other side. I'm just continuing on what I've been doing.

Okay, so I've just finished up the back portion of the hair, now I'm moving on to this, kind of, Mohawk section. This next section I take will be close to her face as opposed to on the back of her head. What I'm going to do is, we are going to bring all this hair forward, and then rotate it backwards, and blow it dry this way. The reason we're doing this is it's going to give us a nice little lift at the root, but it's also going to bring us so that all these layers lay with a little bit of dimension and movement in them. It's easier because you're closer to the front this way. That's what we're going to do. Always blow dry from the root up and then you finish with the tip.

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