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How to Create Big Curls in Naturally Curly Hair, Part 1

Learn how to create big curls in naturally curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial, part 1 of a 2-part series.


One of my favorite things to do with naturally curly hair is to accentuate the curls, make them bigger, change them, or make them smaller. We're actually going to make her curls thicker. I've already combed through her hair a bit. Her hair is normally as curly as mine, but we are starting with dry, natural hair. We're not blowing it dry. We're not flat ironing it, before. We're starting with dry hair.

I am just going to brush her out a little bit more. I am using a brush with really flexible bristles. I'm not creating too many tears or gathers. I'm very gentle on it, and I'm brushing it all in the same direction.

I start at the tips, and I work my way up. I've already misted on a heat-protectant spray, but I'm going to put a little bit more right on the end, because the ends are a little dryer. Once you've done that, you're going to start sectioning off.

You're going to work in the back. What I do is, I usually take from the top of your ear back. There's this whole section back here. It doesn't have to be perfect, because even though we're creating bigger curls, we're still going to create them and make them look a little bit more natural.

I'm just going to clip her hair out of the way, and I'll show you how big my section is. It goes from the top of her ear to the top of her ear, probably about three, three and a half inches. I'm going to take little sections here. I'm actually going to curl everything today, away from her face.

Smoothing out this section, with your hands or with a brush, I'm going to start curling it at the root first. I always hold it very lightly. I'm not clamping down very hard at all, almost the way that you would think a ballerina might hold it.

You start at the root, and you work your way down to the tip. It's going to look really perfect, at first, and then we're going to brush it down. Again, take the hair, pull it straight out from the head. I'm going to wrap the barrel of the curling iron, starting midway or closer to the root, and I just open the barrel up and spin it down.

The reason you do this is because the hair at the root is the newest, healthiest hair. It's the least likely to hold the curl. Each section is roughly the same size. I'll show you how to make the next section. This one, I usually do from the temple, all the way over to the other temple. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect sections. The sections are about this wide, all the way around.

We're going to do the exact same thing that we've been doing. I'm going to start on this side. I'm going to curl away from the face until I get right back to the middle back of the head. Then, I'm going to curl away from the face on the other side. The bigger the section, the bigger the curl. We are also curling all the hair in the same direction. The great thing about that is, when we rake our fingers, all of the curls are going to join in and become one giant curl.

If we were to curl, every curl, moving in a different direction, if we were to curl this one away from the face, and the next one toward the face, they would stay really separate from each other. You would get a more textured look. I'm just going to continue doing this all the way around the head.

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