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How to Create Big Curls in Naturally Curly Hair, Part 2

Learn how to create big curls in naturally curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial, part 2 of a 2-part series.


So, finishing up this last piece here, remembering to move it away from the face. So, now that it's cool I can take my hands and I'm going to rake it through. This is the most important part. This is the part people get a little freaked out about. The more you rake your hands through, the more natural it looks and the bigger the curls get.

So as long as you let the hair cool, you're not in risk of destroying them. I'm just using my hands to rake through, nice and easy. One thing you can do, is if it's not quite as smooth as you want it on the root you can always take a little comb and comb it smoother. You can do that before if you were particularly curly on the top. This just helps to smooth it out, takes down any frizz, maybe gets rid of those bumps or lumps you might get there naturally.

I actually put a little serum in there too, something to give it a little bit of texture and movement and to gloss up those ends a little bit. If your hair is really dry, you might do that before you start running your hands through it. This is a great, safer alternative to flat ironing. Even though you're going through every piece of hair with the curling iron, you're just making one pass with it, so it keeps it a little more protected. Most of us, hopefully, the heat of our curling iron is not quite as hot as our flat iron. This should look nice tomorrow too, when she wakes up, it should just be a little softer and a little bit more waved. A lot of the looks we're seeing now with the curls are, it's a bit smoother at the root and then you see the body in the waves come in a bit lower, this look really helps achieve that. So, whatever you need to do to get the roots a bit smoother, do that.

So, this is how to create big curls on naturally curly hair.

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